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All year round I fulljoy my spot on the Hippie Market Sant Juan Ibiza. This market is by far my favorit. Why oh why?

It’s one big family, with live music, good coffee, good food and everyone makes sure that you’ll have a good time! Every sunday between 10h-15h, come visit & buy till your wallet is empty and then, when needed, go to 3 different ATMs haha! These artists all deserve it, for sure.

On this market most of the artists live all year round on Ibiza & the crafts are hand made on Ibiza (well the market is designed for only authentic ibiza-products). If you visit the market, you can see the artist create their product in front of your nose, that’s your proof!

The thing for me is, luckily my product is very unique, I sell myself haha! Time will tell because my oeuvre will get more unique by seconds. I will expand my horizon in my Arts, this will happen in juwellery & clothing… next seasons.

My spot on the hippie market is my small Galerie. A professional galerie increases prices with 70%. And the artist only gets 30%! This way, on the markets I can meet my customers in person and also give them the best honest prices for my Arts. Customers call my spot on the market ‘the May show’, that is what I call satisfaction of being artist! Also I keep in contact with my customers which makes the process of buying way more fun!

All my crafts are made with only beach products like sand and shells etc. The extra vibe is… I mix my colors with sea water & mediums. Therefore I visit most beaches (56 sand beaches at least!!), gather some water, sand, shells and garbage. Then I make prints with garbage I found there, like flexi- plastics. These prints are just to make you aware to please smaller your daily dose of using new plastics. The island needs our care for her. This way, we keep the beaches clean and fulljoyable haha. Really, you will be shocked in the summer to see what damages tourists leave behind 🙁

Soooooooo! For sure, please come over & join the “May Show” of my personal public galerie, with special plastic awareness and buy these happy hippie vibe arts, you’ll love it!

Take a sneak peak at the gallery here!

Sea You Soon! (different spelling on purpose, duh)

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