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  • these tiny gifts are all personally collected from ibiza beaches and the messages are, of course, all handmade
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full set

The concept of the complete set (108 one word power shells)

This box contains 108 shells. Every shell includes a unique affirmation and a signature of MAY.
108 shells: 1 stands for union. 0 stands for emptiness of ego and humility in spiritual practice. And 8 stands for timelessness. I see this set of shells as personal powerful reminders, which you can use wherever, whenever

It’s MAGIC, because the full set provides us with many opportunities to learn and grow, whether as a tool in meditation, or as a reminder of our intentions. 

The variety of shells encourage a calmer mind. They simply offer a subtle reminder that you are walking your path, consciously and intentionally. 
These affirmation shells are also used as a (meditation power) gift,  like blessings or wishes and ‘talking’ tools in relationships. 

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power shells (single)

THE CONCEPT OF power ( blessing ) SHELLS:

Essentially, these are power (blessing) words that you can keep, hold, or repeat with emotional intensity and certainty to guide your thoughts in the direction that you want them to go.

These words, used as mantra, hold much internal power, there is no need to add potentially conflicting messages to the subconscious.
They go right to the heart of the matter with no conscious thought involved.

Simply choose your word to release its inherent power of dramatic change.
Each of these one word shells hold the seed for renewal, rebirth and regeneration.

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compliment shells

The concept of the compliment shells

Compliments are one of the most extraordinary components of social life. If given right they create so much positive energy that they make things happen almost as if by magic. They ease the atmosphere around two people and kindly dispose people to each other. 

Compliments derive from taking notice of praiseworthy situations and efforts. So they are a mark of awareness and consciousness. I think, we need to cultivate awareness of the good developments that are all around us.

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customized shells

The concept of customized shells

Customized shells empowers a particular connection.
With the usage of familiar language, one can easily recognize and understand, because they use it on a regular basis.
As a gift it enhances your connection and will always be remembered as special.